Beautiful Origami Boxes

Tomoko Fuse


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In this book, Tomoko Fuse has put together an enormous variety of different boxes. She shows square, rectangular, trapezoidal, triangular, hexagonal and octagonal boxes, with plain, twisted and decorated lids.

The author has divided the book into three chapters. The 10 boxes from Chapter 1 are each folded from one square sheet of paper. The 13 boxes in Chapter 2 are also based on the square, but consist of several units. The seven boxes in Chapter 3 are made up of several units based on A4 format.

The book is colorful throughout and contains many beautiful and inspiring photos. Thanks to the excellent instructions, folding and assembling the boxes is no problem.

Difficulty: medium

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Weight 0,35 kg

Published 2013

Format 21 x 26cm

Pages 98
ISBN 978-4-529-05176-7

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