Creative Origami

Makoto Yamaguchi


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Makoto Yamaguchi presents in this book a total of 37 models from the three areas “Fantasy”, “Zodiac” and “Animals”.

The 15 models in the “Fantasy” section are sea monsters, wall monsters, attacking weasels, goblin, orc, witch, undead, nine-tailed fox and others. In addition to the 12 zodiac signs: rat, buffalo, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig, nine other animals are presented: toucan, penguin, chick, hamster, panda, cat, dachshund, dwarf spitz and poodle.

Eight models are folded from one sheet only, all other models consist of at least two parts. The book is colored throughout, with beautiful illustrations of the models.

Difficulty: medium

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Released 2017

Format 18 x 26cm

Pages 143
ISBN 978-4-8026-1111-4

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