Daily Origami


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In this book you will find a collection of over 70 different decorative and / or useful models.

The models are used on the dining table, in the kitchen, in the living area, in the bathroom, in the bedroom and in the office. And, of course, there are many suggestions for gift wrapping.

Shown are envelopes, card holders, noshis, purses, napkin rings, envelopes for chopsticks, decorative rings, Hina dolls, bread baskets, egg cups, numerous containers for storing small delicacies, planters and vases, coasters, bowls, picture frames, window decoration, baskets for towels, food and soap, dust covers for books, jewelry boxes, pen holders and much more.

Difficulty level: easy to medium

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Released 2007


Format 19 x 21cm
Pages 158

ISBN 978-4-522-41147-6

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