Folding Origami Hydrangea

Shuzo Fujimoto


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The Japanese Shuzo Fujimoto already worked in the late sixties with Tesselations. Today, this folding technique has a large fan community and on the Internet are countless photos of impressive models. The models shown in this book are relatively simple and thus provide an ideal introduction to this fascinating technique with its endless possibilities.

A total of 30 models are shown, most are folded from 15x15cm large paper. Three models are based on the size 18x18cm, seven on the size 24x24cm and one on a strip in the format 7,5x30cm. The different basic grid for each model are easy to fold, composing requires patience and skill.

Compared to its first edition (ISBN 978-4-416-31041-0), the book has revised instructions, a new layout, a larger format and more pages. The models shown are identical.

Difficulty: medium

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Published 2017

Format 18 x 26cm

Pages 126
ISBN 978-4-416-61727-4

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