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The models in this book have all been published in the NOA Magazine – the monthly magazine of the Nippon Origami Association.

As in volumes 1 and 2 you find more than 80 models from different categories, such as playful, decorative, useful, geometric and plant and animal life: an imaginative crane, 2 finger rings with gemstone, one with butterfly and one with heart, envelope with butterfly, crab , beach umbrella and sunbed, a piece of cream cake and various cookies, the last shirt, high-heeled shoes, baby shoes, satchels, musical notes, organ, various fans, spinning top, mask, purse, propeller, horses, otter, 2 elephants , monkey, talking fox, dancing dwarf, lantern, clown, crocus, daffodil, crysanthemum, sunflower, camellia, shell, butterflies, dragonfly, crab, loons, mandarin duck, chicks, mobile with seagull and crane, modular rainbow, “snail mail”, speedboat, racing car, the rabbit which becomes a carrot, a cat with her kitten (one-piece), snail in the grass (2-piece) and more. On the first 8 pages all models are shown in color photos.

Difficulty level: easy to medium

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Published 2000


Format 18 x 26cm
Pages 133

ISBN 4-931297-08-0

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