Origami Dream World, Flowers and Animals

Toshikazu Kawasaki


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Kawasaki is famous for his roses. Anyone who knows them has respect for the folding process. Similar respect should be given to the beautiful rhododendron flower, hydrangea and vetch featured in this book.

Much easier to fold is the cherry blossom. It consists of 5 modules. If you use a special connection module, an enchanting flowering rain arises. Also easy to fold are the iris, the narcissus, the daffodil and his simple rose. For all flowers the matching leaves and stalks are shown.

The following animals belong to the difficulty level “medium”: sheep, butterfly, swallow (flying and sitting), panther, polar bear, penguin, sardine and ray. The jumping frog, lizard, salmon, turtle and shell belong  to the category “difficult”.

The color photos on the first 24 pages impressively convey that even more difficult folding processes are worthwhile if you are rewarded with such strikingly beautiful and convincing models. Excellent instructions make it easy to understand the diagrams.

Difficulty level: easy to difficult

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Published 2003

Format 19 x 21cm

Pages 160
ISBN 4-255-00238-X

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