Origami Papetto


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Makoto Yamaguchi has collected a variety of hand puppets in this book. Through different head shapes, hairstyles and headgear different characters emerge.

Shown are two types of hand puppets: once small colorful plastic bags are slipped over the body as a body (can also be easily replaced by fabric) and with folded hands and heads, with three fingers plugged, added. In this way, many models are presented from the animal world: piggy, panda, elephant, rabbit, dog, fox and cat. Other hand puppets are folded entirely out of paper. In these models, the doll is moved by hand for talking or making faces. Yamaguchi also shows finger puppets: for this he has selected the seven dwarfs from Snow White.

14 pages of color photos at the beginning of the book show the models. The output format is a variety of square and rectangular dimensions. Tools such as glue, staples and crayons are required

Difficulty: easy

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Published 2005


Format 18 x 26cm
Pages 80

ISBN 4-87051-158-4

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