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Another book by Makoto Yamaguchi, which presents a variety of useful and decorative models and convince many butterflies with this successful mixture again.

Yamaguchi shows many boxes: hexagonal, triangular, with and without decoration, one-piece, open, closed, square, oblong. For the office there are envelopes for CDs, for letters, for the storage of documents and a booklet for notes, as well as greeting cards and invitation cards with different motives. In the chapters Useful for the kitchen, the dining table and the household you will find molds made of baking paper, saucers, funnels, trays, containers for storage, napkin ring, cutlery holder, boxes for candy, biscuits, etc., stick holders, storage sets for sewing, jewelry, Kleenextücher and much more. In the chapter for floral models different flowers are shown – individually and arranged to tasteful arrangements. Models for Christmas decorations and complete the offer: stars, rings, lamps and pyramids. All models are presented on a total of 64 pages with photos and invite you to refill.

Difficulty level: easy to medium

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Published 2004

Format 15 x 21cm

Pages 216
ISBN 4-8163-3792-X

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