Papier Skulpturen

Richard Sweeney


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The following book description is taken from the catalog of the publisher “Haupt”:

“Paper design with elegance and perfection.

The works of the British artist Richard Sweeney combine design, photography, craftsmanship and sculpture. In “Paper Sculptures” he introduces the basics of paper-forming and gives an insight into his work.

One chapter is devoted to a selection of techniques that the paper artist uses to design his sculptures and pass them on in his workshops. Step-by-step instructions here teach how fascinating forms are put on paper.

Illustrated with beautiful photographs, one also learns how motifs serve as inspiration for the unique forms of paper sculptures and how work evolves from idea to artwork. “

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Published 2016


Format 23 x 23cm
Pages 128

ISBN 978-3-258-60153-3

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