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Format 15 x 15cm.

This paper is from Mino, a town famous for paper of the finest quality. The washi has a soft yet firm touch. Connoisseurs refer to it as “Mino washi” and experts appreciate it for its soft yet firm touch.

The front side of this fine transparent paper is smooth, the back slightly rough. The feel of the paper is very pleasant.

Due to the watermarks, this high-quality washi achieves a special transparency. Hiroko Takahashi has designed five different designs for the watermarks: Prism, Forest, Bubble, Stripes and Dots. The pack contains four sheets of each design.
Instructions for a simple box and a shirt are included.

Paper thickness: 50g/m²

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Weight 0,04 kg

Format 15 x 15cm

Sheets 20
Color 1
Pattern 5

Paper thickness 50g/m²

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