Zakka no 12 kagetsu

Masahisa Rika


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If you look through the first 40 pages of the book, where all models are presented generously and attractively, some models are already familiar. The attraction of these models lies in the selection of papers and the useful and loving application.

It is a rod holder, various envelopes, boxes, bowls, a hat, a string of lights, a mobile, a dust jacket for a book and a rose (folded from a long strip and turned). The rose serves as a closure and forms a beautiful unity with the packaging.

The models shown are easy to fold, but the instructions are, since sometimes somewhat simplistic, not necessarily suitable for the beginner. The models are based on very different output formats.

Difficulty level: easy to medium

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Weight 0.25 kg

Published 2003


Format 18 x 21cm
Pages 80

ISBN 4-309-26712-2

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