Beautiful Origami Boxes II

Tomoko Fuse


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For all the boxes in this book, the lid and bottom are each folded from a single rectangular paper (based on the A4 size).

The book is divided into four chapters. Chapter 1 shows a triangular box with eight different lid variations. The second chapter shows 15 different square boxes, low and high, also with very different lids. Chapter 3 shows 10 pentagonal boxes, also of different heights and with varied lid variations. The last chapter presents 5 different rectangular boxes.

The book is colorful throughout and contains many beautiful and inspiring photos. Thanks to Tomoko Fuse’s excellent instructions, the folding and assembling of the boxes is not a problem.

Difficulty: medium

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Weight 0,350 kg
Dimensions 26 × 21,5 × 1 cm

Published 2014


Format 21 x 26cm
Pages 98

ISBN 978-4-529-05285-6

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