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Please forgive the somewhat crude translations. We work on improving them continuously, but used Google Translate to get a quick start.

This catalog was created on the occasion of the exhibition “Crumpling” at the Origami Galerie Freising from 13th September to 20th December 2008.

It is the first publication showing the extensive work of the French artist Vincent Floderer. All 34 exhibits shown in the Ausstelling are shown, as well as a detailed view of each work. Also included are an introduction by Dave Brill, words of thanks from Vincent Floderer, a foreword by the publishers, and a biography of the artist.

The catalog is trilingual: German, English and French.

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Weight 0.4 kg

Published 2008

German English French

Format 21 x 21cm
Pages 96

ISBN 978-3-941327-01-6

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