Dinosaurs Origami

Fumiaki Kawahata


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Folding operations for dinosaurs often belong to the category of complex models, but not the 27 models which Fumiaki Kawahata presents in this book. Hardly any model consists of more than 50 folding steps.

The author shows 18 models that are folded from one piece of paper, eight models are made up of two different pieces, and the skull of Tyrannosaurus is made up of four parts. All of these, Fumiaki Kawahata has previously published. They are taken from the three  volumes “Origami Dinosaur”, which are no longer available (ISBN 4-416-30106-5; 4-416-30107-3; 4-416-30304-1).

Difficulty: medium

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Dimensions 26 × 19 × 1 cm

Published 2017

Format 18 x 26cm

Pages 127
ISBN 978-4-416-61769-4

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