Fairyland Origami

Toshikazu Kawasaki


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Fairy tales are very popular in Japan.

In this book, Toshikazu Kawasaki presents models from five different fairy tales. From “Peter’s Lunar” he shows four different stars and the lunar canon, from “Cinderella” the pumpkin carriage and the castle, from “Hans and the bean tendril” Kawasaki shows the bean tendril, from “The Little Prince” the baobab, the sheep , the rose, the rose garden and the fox and from the Japanese fairy tale “Urashimataro” the fish, the turtle and the village.

The lunar cannon is also included in Kawasaki’s book “Origami Dream World” (ISBN4-255-00096-4). The castle is the further development of a model from the same book.

Difficulty: medium

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Dimensions 26 × 19 × 1 cm

Published 2016


Format 18 x 26cm
Pages 134

ISBN 978-4-255-00975-9

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