Paul Jackson


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The following book description is taken from the catalog of the publisher “Haupt”:

„Success author Paul Jackson summarizes his knowledge of folding techniques: a standard work for all designers. In addition to the book: 23 videos with folding instructions on DVD.

Step-by-step instructions and over 60 examples of architecture, fashion and design. From paper dividers to pleats, twisted pleats, V-pleats or pleats in fabric, this basic work offers a collection of pleats that can be applied to every aspect of the design in infinite variations and applied to many materials.

The basis for all work with folds is systematically conveyed. You learn how to stretch, compress, fan, twist, duplicate and mirror fold systems. In addition, it will be shown how the folding techniques are adapted to specific requirements and, based on simple ideas, the original folding form can be developed.

The techniques are taught step by step through drawings and photos and illustrated with more than 60 examples of architecture, fashion and design.“

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Published 2015


Format 19 x 26cm
Pages 304

ISBN 978-3-258-60134-2

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