Folding Geometry


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In this book, Jun Maekawa introduces 60 different models.

The 26 models in the first chapter are all based on Crease Patterns. These are mostly open and closed polyhedra, but Maekawa also shows a lizard, a rosette, a torii (traditional gate to a shrine), a tree trunk, and a pair of cranes with their young on their wings.

In the second chapter Maekawa introduces folding instructions to 19 polyhedra, including many cubes. All models are composed of several modules.

Among the 15 models in the third chapter are a star, a star-shaped box, various polyhedrons and cubes, as well as the charming human figure from the front page. These models are all folded out of one piece of paper.

Difficulty level: easy to medium.

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Published 2016


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