HA! Origami

Tomoko Fuse


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You could translate the title analogously with “Origami to surprise and be amazed”. This little book reads in traditional Japanese form from left to right, so the spine is on the right side.

The small format is ideal for traveling, it fits in every pocket. Thus you always have numerous models at hand to surprise others. E.g. with: cat, panda, tulip, elephant, giraffe, camel, monkey, gorilla, squirrel, dog, bird, hare, turtle, heart, chopsticks holder, shell, star box, tree, house, butterfly, hat, crane, frog, lily, Slippers, dress, santa claus, sailboat and more.

The book is continuously b/w. At the beginning there are four pages with color photos of some models.

Difficulty level: easy to medium

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Weight 0,16 kg
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 1,2 cm

Published 2013


Format 10 x 15cm
Pages 214

ISBN 978-4-480-43055-7

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