Kessakusen 2

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The models in this book have all been published in the NOA Magazine – the monthly magazine of the Nippon Origami Association.

As in volumes 1 and 3, you find more than 60 models from different categories such as playful, decorative, useful, geometric and plant and wildlife: skating penguin, bird ostrich as a hand puppet, proud rooster, grim head-shaking cat, a dog making the headstand by tapping, Kasaharas panda, a pig, Thoki Yenn’s timid rabbit, monkey mother with baby, elephant, giraffe, butterfly, tadpole, beetle, camel with rider (one-piece), old couple, cap, house with chimney, water wheel, airy ball (4 pieces), ginko leaf, christmas tree (3 pieces), “hat or flower”, coffee cup, soup cup, spoon, plate, pumpkin, banana, extendable table, sushi, bowl in swan shape, glass with lemon slice, flower-shaped pinwheel, one-piece box , heart envelope, finger puppets, 6-pointed star of 2 triangles, handbag, moai statue of the Easter Island, the Buddha figure Gautama, 8 modular flower variations, sunflower, UFO, space shuttle, kimono, three mosaic modules and more. On the first 8 pages all models are shown in color photos.

Difficulty level: easy to medium

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Published 1999


Format 18 x 26cm
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