Funny Animals – Origami Delightful Life

Yoshihisa Kimura


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Already on the cover picture you can see that the animals in this book are refreshingly different: unconventional, charming, childish, funny.

In the first chapter Yoshihisa Kimura introduces juveniles: chick, penguin, raccoon, sheltie, chicken, toucano, crocodile and two dinosaurs. Chapter two shows “action” models: monkey, two cats, fox, hand picker and Tanuki (Japanese raccoon). In the third chapter, the author shows boxes in animal form: turtle, crab, hippopotamus and dachshund. The fourth chapter shows animals in special situations: a fat sitting cat, a cat taking a nap, a turtle hatching, a monkfish with its mouth open, and a whale that dives and gasps for air.

Many models consist of two parts. As a paper size the format 15x15cm is sufficient for all models.

Difficulty level: easy to medium.

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Dimensions 26 × 19 × 1 cm

Published 2018


Format 19 x 26cm
Pages 96

ISBN 978-4-8170-8250-3

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