Origami Dragons

Makoto Yamaguchi


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In this book Makoto Yamaguchi presents a total of 15 dragons by different authors from all over the world. The cover picture shows the “Ancient Dragon” by Satoshi Kamiya, which with six stars is the most complex model. Most models are marked with two, three or four stars and are based on paper sizes up to 35x35cm. Two model are marked with one or five stars. Two models are made up of several parts: “Grand Dragon” (4 stars) by Joseph Wu and “King Dragon” (3 stars) by Yoshihisa Kimura.

Difficulty level: medium to super complex

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Dimensions 26 × 18,5 × 1,6 cm

Published 2021


Format 18,5 x 26cm
Pages 240

ISBN 978-4-8026-1283-8

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