Origami for Decoration

Yasuko Sone


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The author presents nearly 40 models in this book and divides them into 5 chapters: Decorative, Seasonal, Playful, Transformations and Cranes.

Some models are modular: Cherry Blossom, Coasters, Letter Holder for the Wall, Parasol (Five Variations), Sunflower, Flower Ball, Cube, Box with Mouse Head, Box that turns into a ball, Owl that becomes a bowl and a Wall clock with numbers and hands made up of cranes.

In addition, Yasuko Sono shows a basket with handle, three envelopes, boxes and bowls (one filled with vegetables), Hina Dolls and altar, carp and temple and flowers to celebrate Children’s Day, duck, wall decoration and more.

The paper sizes vary from 7.5×7.5cm to 30x30cm. Most of the models are based on the format 15x15cm. Very beautiful full-page photos of all models invite you to fold.

Difficulty level: easy to medium

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Dimensions 26 × 19 × 1 cm

Published 2017


Format 19 x 26cm
Pages 112

ISBN 978-4-8170-8245-9

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