Origami Four Seasons

Tomoko Fuse


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This is one of Tomoko Fuse’s few books that does not focus exclusively on modular topics.

The models, conceived for the Four Seasons, are all very decorative and are presented clearly on 34 full-page, very beautiful photos.

Frog, water lily, snail, shells, carp, hare, turtle, flowers, lily, tulip, butterflies, swan, bear, monkey, squirrel, autumn leaves and pumpkin, crane, kimono and demon – the choices are plentiful. Two kusudamas and a beautiful, modular flower are also included. With a few exceptions, the output format is the square.

Difficulty: medium

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Dimensions 26 × 21,5 × 1 cm

Published 2008


Format 21 x 26cm
Pages 80

ISBN 978-4-14-031158-5

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