Origami Insects

Fumiaki Kawahata


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Fumiaki Kawahata is a proven specialist for animals, and especially for insects. In this book, he introduces 26 of these creepy-crawlies.

Most models are folded from 15x15cm paper: cabbage white, fly, moth, water bug, predacious beetle, cicada, dragonfly, butterfly, stick insect, ant, mayfly, mantis, ladybug, stag beetle, Caucasus beetle, Hercules beetle and rhinoceros beetle.

For seven models, Kawahata recommends 24x24cm paper: Horse fly, longhorn beetle, bee, stinkbug, Leaf insect, scarab and grasshopper.

For two models, he recommends 35x35cm as the starting format: 5-horned rhinoceros beetle and Neptune beetle.
Some models are multi-piece. This reduces the difficulty of the folding process.

Difficulty level: medium to difficult

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Published 2004


Format 18 x 26cm
Pages 128

ISBN 978-4-416-51807-6

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