Origami Yume World

Makoto Yamaguchi


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Please forgive the somewhat crude translations. We work on improving them continuously, but used Google Translate to get a quick start.

The books by Makoto Yamaguchi are among our bestsellers. He understands how hardly anyone else, models of useful and decorative things to put together attractively.
In addition to the successful selection of models also contribute to the many appealing photos and well-understandable instructions on the success of his books.

In the book “Yume World” (dream world) more than 50 models are shown. Including many very different boxes, stars, bowls, envelopes, business card box, bookmarks, coasters, stick holder, smartphone stand, Kleenex box, models for the Christmas decoration, and much more.

Difficulty level: easy to medium

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Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 18,5 × 1,4 cm

Published 2016

Format 18 x 26cm

Pages 143
ISBN 978-4-8026-1046-9

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