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NOA (Nippon Origami Association) publishes 44 different models with cranes in this book. Three of them are traditionals, all other models are from different authors.

In addition to individual cranes, 5 models with cranes hanging together are also presented, some of which use the scissors. In addition, there are six models for containers in crane form, or with crane ornaments, as well as nine envelopes with cranes, which are particularly suitable for the popular in Japan money gifts. There is also a two-colored, as well as a very nice flying crane (by Kunihiko Kasahara), a napkin ring, a “crane in front of Mount Fuji”, as well as various modular crane rings, one of them a real “crane fireworks display” consisting of 24 cranes exists, among others

Almost all models are based on a square and are folded from only one sheet of paper. On the first 8 pages all models are presented on color fotos, the rest of the book is consistently bicoloured.

Difficulty: medium

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Published 2013


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ISBN 978-4-86540-010-6

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