Franz Zeiers


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“Attempts between geometry and play” is the subtitle to this book, that the author understands as the “inventory of a more than 10 years extending activity at the School of Applied Arts Zurich” and that already appears in the 4th edition.

The purpose of the book is “to activate the creative abilities of the individual”. It consists of the following chapters: paper in everyday life; The material paper; Basic manual editing capabilities; From the surface to the room; Plastic figures with paper, demonstrated on the cube; Excursions between geometry and game; In the field of practical application. This book is not an origami book, but a source of inspiration for every folder!

Nearly 700 pictures (mostly b/w photos) and over 170 drawings.

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Released 1993


Format 18 x 25cm
Pages 320

ISBN 978-3-258-07498-6

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