SPIRAL – Origami Art Design

Tomoko Fuse


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Please forgive the somewhat crude translations. We work on improving them continuously, but used Google Translate to get a quick start.

SPIRAL is a study of Tomoko Fuse’s spirals.

A flatterer, not for hobbyists, but for designers, for creative people, for scientists. It shows helixes, spirals, shells and polyhedrons of all kinds. The book is not only concerned with the mathematical approach of creations, but also with the philosophical aspects of this art and the creative approaches of the artist herself.

A hardcover, lovingly bound from alternating high-gloss and matt paper. Precious in color and embossing, it is a collection of artistic photographs and detailed work instructions.
But not only that, it’s a biography, an insight into the life and work of a great artist.

The English-language book was created in collaboration with local companies and was produced by the layout, the photographs, the printing house and the publisher exclusively in the Freisinger region.

Difficulty: medium to complex

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Weight 1,650 kg

Published 2012


Format 21.5 x 26.5cm
Pages 348

ISBN 978-3-941327-06-1

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