Star and Snowflake Patterns

Tomoko Fuse


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Stars and snowflakes are the subject of this book by Tomoko Fuse.

In total she presents 40 models, most of them are pentagonal and hexagonal, a few octagonal and square. Tomoko Fuse shows both modular models (output format 7.5 x 7.5 cm) and stars that are folded from a single sheet (output format 15 x 15 cm). Many models have variants, some of which are created by additional elements.

The models are shown on almost 40 pages on very beautiful photos and present themselves in all their beauty. A tutorial on how to make a pentagon and a hexagon out of a square is included at the end of the book. The instructions are very clear.

Compared to its first edition (978-4-416-30914-8), the book has a new layout, a larger format and more pages. The content is identical.

Difficulty: medium

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Published 2014


Format 18 x 26cm
Pages 128

ISBN 978-4-416-31446-3

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