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Tomoko Fuse


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Please forgive the somewhat crude translations. We work on improving them continuously, but used Google Translate to get a quick start.

“Real” Kusudamas consist of pyramidal elements that are tied together with a thread into a ball. Of this variety, Tomoko Fuse presents only two models in this book. In the other 40 models, the elements are connected by folding technology. You can fold back a variety of polyhedra, which are composed of either 6, 12, 24 or 30 elements. In part, the individual elements consist of several parts, or can be varied by “fillings”.

With a few exceptions, the models are based on the output formats 15×15 or 12×12, or the corresponding half square. 30 pages at the beginning of the book show all models on beautiful color photos. The instructions are very clear and the mating is well understood.

Difficulty: medium

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Dimensions 23 × 18,5 × 0,9 cm

Published 2005


Format 18 x 23cm
Pages 94

ISBN 4-416-30504-4

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