Super realistic Origami Roses

Naomiki Sato


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Naomiki Sato is famous for his magical, incredibly realistic roses.
In this book he brings together the 16 most beautiful roses and rosebuds from his previous publications “Roses” and “Beautiful Origami Rose”, supplemented by various sepals. The instructions have been partially revised and provided with additional explanations. Three models have a QR code that leads to an instruction video.
Also newly added is a tip on how to fold white-backed paper so that the color of the back is not visible. Except for five models that are created from a square, all other models are created from a pentagon. The initial formats vary from 10cm (3 models) to 35cm (2 models). The majority is between 15 and 25cm.

Difficulty level: medium to difficult

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Published 2023


Format 19 x 26cm
Pages 144

ISBN 978-4-529-06301-2

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