Super-Shaped Origami

Fumiaki Kawahata


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In this book Fumikai Kawahata presents a total of 30 sophisticated models from the animal world. The animals come from land, water and air. These are in detail: Saiga Antelope, Dutch Rabbit, Borzoi, Caracal, Horse, Lion, Black Goat, Orix, Red Panda, Bird of Paradise, Peacock, Rockhopper Penguin, Emperor Penguin, Japanese Crane, Japanese crested Ibis, Flamingo, Eagle, Parakeet, Hummingbird, Blue Whale, Dolphin , Killer Whale, Angelfish, Anemonefish, Manta, Venus Comb, Griffon, Pegasus and Unicorn. As always with Fumiaki Kawahata, the instructions are very clear.

Difficulty level: complex

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Dimensions 26 × 18,5 × 1,6 cm

Published 2019


Format  18,5 x 26cm
Pages 192

ISBN 978-4-416-61941-4

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