The Beauty of Origami

Makoto Yamaguchi


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The friends of the complex origami will be glad about this book.

On 264 pages Makoto Yamaguchi presents a total of 50 models, 27 of which are his own creations. The authors of the other models are: Michael LaFosse, Roman Diaz, Quentin Trollip, Kyohei Satsuta, Fumikai Kawahata, Seiji Nishikawa, Ronald Koh, Hideo Komatsu, Dave Brill, Robert Lang, Gen Hagiwara, Chuya Miyamoto, Bernie Peyton, Keigo Matsuda, Shinji Sasade, Takashi Hojyo, Noboru Miyajima and Satoshi Kamiya.

The models are divided into seven chapters: Prehistoric Animals, Insects, Birds, Ocean Life, Small Animals, Large Animals and Fantasy Creatures. Each chapter also contains two “alien” models: e.g. High Heels (Makoto Yamaguchi), Geta (Yoshio Tsuda), Rose, Boots, Clown (Seiji Nishikawa), Book (Martin Wall), Key to Love (Francis Ow), Nut and Bolt (Dave Brill) and Mt. Fuji (Akiko Yamanshi). Not all models are complex: based on a 5-star scale, eight models are marked with one star, ten models with two stars, 17 models with three stars, ten models with four stars, and five models with five stars. Photos of all models are shown on the first 27 pages.

Difficulty level: easy to complex

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