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This book is the first of three volumes dedicated to the subject of polyhedra by Tomoko Fuse.

In Volume 1 the author shows a variety of closed polyhedra. The four chapters of the book each contain models that consist of square, triangular, pentagonal or star-shaped surfaces.

On the first 30 pages, all models are presented in photos and the reader gains an overview of the enormous variety of shapes, as well as the possibilities of designing by means of color and pattern of the selected papers. It requires at least three modules for one of the polyhedra. If you want to be very diligent, you can also opt for a model with 1080 modules….

Almost all models are folded from 15 x 15cm paper. A few are based on the A4 format, or on smaller squares (10 x 10cm and 12 x 12cm).

Difficulty level: easy to medium

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Published 2010

Format 19 x 26cm

Pages 158
ISBN 978-4-8170-8157-5

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