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Please forgive the somewhat crude translations. We work on improving them continuously, but used Google Translate to get a quick start.

The catalog of the exhibition of the same name.
The exhibition took place from 28 May to 8 August 2009 in the Origami Gallery in Freising.

On display were origami works by Tomoko Fuse and the printmaking of her husband Taro Toriumi. The catalog presents the works of both artists on full-page glossy photos. Also included are biographies and texts by the two artists and an introduction by Dave Brill. Also included are four instructions from Tomoko Fuse: one square and one pentagonal box, each folded one piece, and two shells.

The entire catalog is trilingual: German, English, Japanese.


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Weight 0.6 kg

Published 2009

German / English / Japanese

Format 21 x 21cm
Pages 138

ISBN 978-3-941327-03-0

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