Zakka Origami

Kazumi Orikai


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The 29 models shown in this book are mainly used in the office and belong to the category “Organizer”.

Kazumi Orikai shows various containers – flat, high, triangular, rectangular, envelopes, shelves for various office utensils, such as glue sticks, pens and letter envelopes. Even unusual applications, such as a storage for the USB stick and the smartphone, and a holder for the doorknob to leave messages are shown. A dust jacket for books, bookmarks, cupholders, and asupport for  glasses complete the offer. Whether the shoe trees shown also serves its purpose, has yet to be proven …

Difficulty level: easy to medium

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Dimensions 26 × 21,5 × 1 cm

Released 2016


Format 21 x 26cm
Pages 88

ISBN 978-4-8347-4255-8

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