Origami de Christmas 3

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NOA (Nippon Origami Association) presents 45 Christmas models in this book, compiled from the sheer inexhaustible pool of their monthly magazine “NOA Magazin”.

The models are very varied: teddy bears, angels, different stars, snowman with gloves, Christmas tree with trunk (2-piece), Christmas rings in star and heart shape, candle with candlestick, bows, Christmas bell, boots, church, shooting star, snow-covered pine , sleigh, reindeer, three different Santas, heart-shaped piece of cake (2-piece), heart-shaped box (2-piece) and a three-dimensional apple. Not to forget a complete dollhouse with furnishings: rocking chair, bed, chair, table, window with curtain, fireplace, wine cooler with bottle, tea and coffee cup, spoon and fork.

Almost all models are based on a square and are folded from only one sheet of paper. On the first 8 pages all models are presented on color fotos, the rest of the book is consistently bicoloured.

Difficulty level: medium

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Published 2011


Format 18 x 26cm
Pages 96

ISBN 978-4-931297-80-7

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